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Chapter 24 (skipping through everything..)


Today was the night. It was the night Afaf and Abdullah would finally get married..after years of their innocent love..

Dhklt Afaf elqa3a ou kl man y6al3ha nzlt 3la ghneyat hab elsa3ad...

3ma mzna: shnu???? shtgoul??? entaw wain??
Afaf: 3ma shfech?

3ma mzna mn el9dma 6a7 telephonha mn eedha.. Afaf took it..

Afaf: shfeek matgoul???
Feehaid: Afaf a7na eb mstshfat el ...
Afaf: laish sh9ayer???
Feehaid: Afaf.. Abdullah sawa 7adeth ou a7na bl6reej lel 3rs..


They rushed to the hospital, afaf was crying in her beautiful white wedding dress.. it was the night they would finally be together bl7alal ou eb shar3 allah..

Secretary: Eb ghurfat 768 6abq elrab3..

Afaf rktht lela9ain9ar tabche ou t7ate, ou traded "yarab mafe ela el3afya" .

Afaf: 3ame!!! Fehaid!! Abdullah waina?? ABE ASHUFA WAINA!!
Doctor: 3fwan ekhte b3d eznk maynf3sh tshufe

She was in tears.

Doctor: La ya set maynf3sh!!!!
Feehaid: Afaf haday..
Afaf: shahade shahade??? goule shahade?? abe ashufa abe ashufa!!

ou g3dt e6g eb nafs'ha ou 3ma mzna sakta mn9dma mu gadra tn6q wla 7arf..


اكسر الخاطر بدونك غيبتك عني حراااااااااااام 

Chapter 25 - The end


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I wish I gave this a proper ending, I really did.. but this is what was written and i just couldn't carry on writing this story due to reasons and i just wanted to post this ending for you guys who have been asking me to do so.. i hope you like the ending.. and i hope one day, i will actually get a book published and who knows maybe it will be this story? but .. completed?

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I guess, life never wanted us to be together. What am I saying? That is probably what you're thinking, right? Well I have a point and if I go back to everything that happened to us, Abdullah almost forgot us, I almost died, Shahad tried to ruin it for us, and he thought I was cheating on him.. It didn't matter that much to us when we grew a little bit older, but isn't it obvious that we weren't supposed to be together? As much as it hurts.. and trust me it does, alot. I knew we were never gonna end together. I mean I loved him and he loved me, and I am so glad we are going to get married, but isn't going to end that way. And I knew so, I just didn't wanna jinx my love life, but I guess I just did.
Seeing him just there in a coma, felt so weird, but I am not crying, because I know he is slipping away, and I guess I knew that from the very start.
Something so perfect, so flawless, so unreal, won't stay for long..
Yes I am sad, but I know that he wouldn't want me to cry, and that if he died, he would want me to move on. But the story isn't about moving on, its about how much we have been through together and how much love we had for each other- it wasn't something you see everyday! It was rare, we were rare. And rare stuff usually just vanish, well don't they? I mean many animals are rare, but look at them now they are EXTINCT. I guess our love was meant to be that way, you know, extinct.
The only thing I want right now is too rest my head on his chest and just smell him, for the very last time. Because I know he is going away, if its not today then its tomorrow. But he isn't staying for long, and I know that his mom knows that too, by the look of her sad face, and I know that my sisters always knew that I would always be the most hurt one. But I didn't plan my life, but I wont plan my life, and maybe, just maybe its for the best. Me here, in the hospital, with my big white dress, in the wedding I have been dreaming of for the past I dont know eight years? And instead, I am here with ruined make up and knowing that he is perfect, and perfect wont last long enough in a cruel judgemental world. Aren't I right?

But Abdullah, you were perfect, and you were rare, and you were you. And you went away too soon, but enough for me to get enough of you. Because you wont belong here, you're just too precious to give away. I hope you know that I will always love you, and I promise you that no one, and I mean no one will take your place. I just wish we could've had the night and you would've maybe possibly left me as a widow.

As I heard the beeping sound of death, his last memory with me. I started to scream, I was drained. But who am I kidding, I knew this would happen, but maybe in reality it was worse than my thoughts.


I guess it's goodbye, for real, isn't it? Maybe the end of a story, and don't say its an end of a chapter because there will be no chapter without Abdullah, because that isn't possible. Because Abdullah is the only reason people actually believe in this story.

Its the end of not only us, but Abdullah, but me, but 3mety Mizna, but basically to love itself and maybe, even believing too.
Because I believed in him, and I believed in us, and without him there is not much to believe in. I see them all rushing to me and hugging me and hugging 3mety Mizna.

Afaf: I just want to be alone.

Pushing them away, felt so much like the only decision that I would make and shivering, and no breath, goodbye.

يا رب ابدعي ترحمه.. مات اللي طيفه ما يموت.. 

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Chapter 23

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Ghada's P.O.V:

Dad: Ha 9bay yl3b bl bnat yuba.
Ghada: yuba YOUSEF '3AIR WALLA '3AIR!

Taiba's P.O.V:

Taiba: Ee a7la ana ou Dhari planned this through..
Om Dhari: ee mo chna arya7 lkum.
Taiba: ee mabee 7afla ou loya ou chthy, ensafer ou a7san, mo yuma?
Mama Thikra: walla kaifkum.
Taiba: ee okay 3yal 5la9 akalm Dhari.
Om Dhari: yalla take care 7beebty.

Om Dhari slemat 3la el kl ou ra7at 3shan it was Dareen's turn with Feehaid's mom who was on the way.

Taiba: Ya7lailha walla, yalla taboon shay? T3bt barou7 anam.
Aunt Mizna: Yal 5bla dgay 3la zojch ou s2lee mta btsafroon!
Taiba: wee 9a7 zain thkrteeny!

Dareen's P.O.V:

b3d 20 mins, Feehaid and his mom finally arrived. I walked with Feehaid to the other 9ala to let the mothers discuss.

Feehaid: Dareen.
Dareen: Feehaid?
Feehaid: bas a7b agoul ismch.
Dareen: Yumma mnk Yumma!
Feehaid: hehe
Dareen: Feehaid.
Feehaid: 3yoona
Dareen: ana b3d wdy ensafer nafs Dhari ou 6ayoob.
Feehaid: ay shay ana 7ather bas gooleely wain mo ela 3rs kaifch 7beebty!
Dareen: hmm abi arou7 bora bora.
Feehaid: et9eeran Kim Kardashian y3nee?
Dareen: ou a7san mnha.
Feehaid: 7ather ana 7ather bas enrou7 engoulhum mn gabel maybtlshoun ou 5a6e6oun.
Dareen: lool yalla.

Afaf's P.O.V:

Me, Afrah, Fatma, Shahad, Noura were all having a little sleepover at Fa6oom and Shahad's house, they were discussing how in a few months I will turn 18 and get married.

Afrah: Afaf, are you excited?
Afaf: Akeed!
Fatma: Et9adgeen matw83t ttzwjain mngablii.
Shahad: I cant wait jad, tajheezat el 3rs a7la shay.
Afaf: ee walla, ymkn b3d chm sboo3 nbdy wedding planning.
Noura: el9ara7a I cant wait 3shan klkum et'hdoun el bait, bas bga ana, Dana, Ghada, ou Manayer.
Afaf: kasra 5a6ree hal Dana. She loves Duaij.
Noura: 5aywale! Bytzawaj! She'll find better.

we laughed and laughed, watched a movie and then fell asleep with smiles, it was the last day of us actually doing stuff we used to do every weekend, I am getting married.
Time flies so quick, just yesterday me and Abdullah were fighting with Shahad and Mishael. Now he'll be mine forever with nothing to worry about.


After 5 days:

I woke up and got changed into a pair of shorts and sweater and wore my doc martens and walked out with Abdullah, ana ou Abood bnwa9el Taiba ou Dhari ou Feehaid ou Dareen to the m6ar ray7een bora bora the lucky 7aywanat!

Afaf: abee hadaya ha!
Taiba: its supposed to be only us relaxing!
Abdullah: 9awrooly ha!
Feehaid: waiy 3ad 6eeraw zain.
Afaf: inshallah bas trj3oon ttjhzoun 7g 3rsna.
Dareen: inshallah, yalla bye lazm enrou7.

ou lmn ra7aw I smiled to the back of the car when I screamed.

Abdullah: KAAAAAK.
Dhari: oh 9a7.
Afaf: la 7lfaw btsafroon bedounhum?
Taiba: amla8.

Ghada's P.O.V:

I was worried about Yousef, its been two weeks and he never came to any zwaras or answered any of my calls.

I called him, and he actually answered.

Ghada: Ywaisef.
Yousef: Ghada 5ala9.
Ghada: what are you talking about?
Yousef: forget me. 5la9 ana bansach ou badrs bara, bas ensaynee entay tkfain. A7sanlch ou a7san 7g obouch.
Ghada: you're telling me to forget what we had? eb sehoula etg6'ha chthy 3lay? You think its easy? You think its that simple? I will never stop loving you, Yousef.
Yousef: BAS 3AD!
Ghada: are you serious?
Yousef: ofcourse I am! Ghada please spare time for us, its as simple as it can be, obouch ma ybeena. Bye.

I wanted to talk, but it was too late.
Too late.
Instead I just sat there staring at the phone, crying.
Too late.
I should've never fell for him.
My mistake was letting him in.

I grabbed my phone and started to type to him.

To Yousef:
Mashallah 3leik, I should've listened to my dad! Because you are nothing but an ********** ya ***** * lets just say ina you have no reason for dumping me okay? No reason whatsoever. I am asking you why, why, law enta rayal gooly why, I am guessing you never loved me! You planned it all along! MY MISTAKE. Mine not yours because you're just a ********!! **** that day that I met you elyoum el aswad hatha! BEST OF LUCK ****


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Chapter 22

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Zainab: inzain dr, mta ana barou7 el bait?
Dr: elnaharda, you're fine.
Zainab: 7loo, y3nee agthar arou7 el7een.
Dr: msh mshkla.
Zainab: thankyou. Bedair rou7 3nd el babies ou yeeb Thikra ou Mizna.
Bader: inshallah, 3ad tawny knt bagoum.
Zainab: zain ou nadlee f6eima ou shahdan.
Bader: ok.

Fatma: ha zooozty
Zainab: gawmouny, ou Shahdan ybeely lbsy.
Shahad: ok.

I wore my clothes and put my babies in their trollies and held my back while walking slower than Bader in like so much.

Bader: does it hurt?
Zainab: LAAA E7LF.


Taiba's P.O.V:

I was sitting talking to Dhari on the phone, laughing.
Taiba:  I'll ttyl. bye

Dareen: Zain zain!
Taiba: okkkk kanee.

I wore my robe over my shirt, I wear shirts that reach way above my knees when I go to bed to sleep, and I wore my slippers and tied my hair in a messy bun.

Mum: Taiba, Dareen rou7aw badlaw! El7een beyoun ahl your husbands! Shno yayeenlee labseen chthy?! We're going to discuss you're wedding!
(lets say mlchaw already)

Taiba: zain zain.
Dareen: okkkkkkk
Taiba: doodz.
Dareen: halla 6ubz
Taiba: help me out? I help you?
Dareen: sure thang 6ubz.
Taiba: cool.

93adna foug to my closet and she went to her closet I grabbed my laced dress that is right below the knee and went to Dareen when I bumped into her and we started laughing we chose the same dress. So then each one of us went to our closets and got out and bumped into eachother.

Both of us: PERFECT.

I was wearing:
Dareen was wearing: 

Dareen walked to Afaf.

Dareen: Ha foofty shtsaween?
Afaf: ga3d agra blog.
Dareen: ay blog?
Afaf: wgft el 6aboor ( eyannnnn! LAZM el kl ygra!
Dareen: ee ombay rfeejatty galolee 3na, yalla tomorrow. 
Afaf: NOW! Eyann like omg.

(shraykum bl d3aya xD) 

Dareen: wee. ahal raylee beyounlee etgoulenle now? bas yrou7oun ngra m3a b3ath rou7ay badlay. 
Afaf: ana 6al3a m3a 3bood.
Abdullah: wlch 5al9ay! 
Afaf: chubb. 
Abdullah: a7bch! 
Afaf: 7aram.
Abdullah: agoul thlfay.
Afaf: la walla? chee nthamek. 5la9 mara7 a6la3 m3ak.
Abdullah: asfeen asfeen walla asfeen.
Afaf: not forgiven.
Abdullah: ya 7lat el booz bas.
Afaf: Abdullah ethlf.
Abdullah: afaa afaa 3foofty etgouly ethlf? Allah ya dnya..
Afaf: enta bas ethlf.
Abdullah: ASFEEEEEEN ou rabee!

Ou ga3ad yboos eeedayn Afaf.

Taiba: sam7ee ou 5l9eena g6a3.
Abdullah: afaaa yal mstshfat 6aiba? ana g6a3?
Taiba: az'3ar 3yalk??? tst3b6?  tadre law ana mtzawja chan ybt kubrk ou akbar mnek b3d!
Abdullah: oulla oulla oulla 7ssteeny ena entay a9lan dsheitay el thalatheenat! Agoul tara entay az'3ar mn Duaijoo 3la fkra.
Taiba: bas akbar mnek eb 7 sneen hay!
Abdullah: zain zain kleteena.
Afaf: babadel. mmkn etrou7?
Abdullah: 5o bndzwaj sh7ga?
Taiba: 9j matst7ee ethlff!

Ou dzeta out of the room and closed the door eb wayha.

Taiba: jleel el 7aya.
Afaf: 5bla, ma mnch fayda bala hathee wayh wa7da 3umrha 24?!
Taiba: chuub!


Ghada's P.O.V:

I decided to ask my dad what was wrong with Yousef that I am the only one with my sisters that isn't allowed to marry him? Y3nee wgfet 3lay ana?

Ghada: Yuba.
Dad: Halla
Ghada: mmkn as2lk?
Dad: ee s2lay.
Ghada: wgfet 3lay ana bas y3nee?
Dad: sht5arb6een?
Ghada: Yuba Yousef shfee! Mafee shay! Ou inta tadree.
Dad: Ghada.. entay bnty, ou ana i cant give you away 7g 9bay sm3eta 5aysa.
Dad: ....


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Chapter 21

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With Noura in the hospital:
Everyone left, Mishael told them too. He was the only one that stayed with her.

Afaf's P.O.V:

Afaf: 3bood. Ism3ny. Ism3ny.

Dsh 3laina our cousin Khaled.. Khaled akbar cousin, he is 28 ou mtzwj, chna o5ouna el kbeer.

Khaled: enta hay. mno tsb?
Abdullah: wee. asf Afaf, 7gch 3lay. Mafrooth as2lch awal, 3baly ga3d t5ouneeny.
Afaf: a5ounek? b3d kl hal sneen? Allah ya dnya.. Bas ma3elay.. Bas mot3eed'ha!
Abdullah: abadan. ou ana asf 5alood, 7gk 3lay. Ana asf, tadree feeny maynoun.
Khaled: l2nkk 5AROOOOF! ET7BHA MOOOTT!
Abdullah: ana 5aroof, ou a7bha mot, inzain, wl ma6loob?
Khaled: allah y5aleekum lb3ath.
Ana ou Abdullah: Ameen.

Klsh matw83ta ye fakr ina ana a5ouna, a5oun 7beeby? my soon to be husband? laish? yeneit? ako a7san mna? bas ma 3leh. Maynoun. Y7bny. Ou ana a7ba. And I will always forgive him. He kissed my forehead.

Abdullah: chm shahar ou ntzwaj. chm shahar.
Afaf: 16 shahar.
Abdullah: ou b3d'ha?
Afaf: ensafr usa.
Abdullah: laish b3d? ana lee el jaish, nseitay?
Afaf: la2 7beeby kl shay wla el jaish.
Abdullah: haw? oboi kan bl jaish ou 3mamy ou 5waly wgft 3lay ana?
Afaf: ee wgft 3laik. Mabee ahdk.
Abdullah: 5la9 wla tz3leen 7beebty entay.
Afaf: allavu.
Abdullah: more. maysht5rb6oun entaw. more madree me 2 madre shno.

I laughed. I love you, Abdullah.

Zainab's P.O.V:

5la9 t3bt kl youm y6gny Bader. Klyoum? LAISH? ana maly karama? a5alee ydous feeny?!

Zainab: 6lgny.
Bader: sh-sh-sh-shno?
Zainab: sm3tny gltlk 6LGNY.
Bader: l-l-laish?
Zainab: ou ts2l laish b3d? Kl youm e6gny yuba ana 7aml 9 tash'heer el7een etgoulee laish? Ou etha maknt 7amel 3balik baskt ou artha enk e6gny?! la 7beeby. ana 3ndy ahal. ou law daraw.. tadree shb9eer.. wain el7ub ely 7betny fee mn sna ou sntain? ra7? chthy psr3a? yuba e7term nafsk. sktlk wayed ana! 6LGNY Y3NE 6LGNY.
Bader: bas ana ana a7bch..
Bader: mashy. mthl matbeen. bas el 3yal bkounoun m3ay.
Zainab: n3m ya 7beeby masm3tk? 3shan ttzwj 3lay mthl 5alik? tzwj 3la 5alty Thikra wa7da sheefa lbnanya? La ya 7beeby, 3yaly m3ay.
Bader: bas hmn ohma 3yalee.
Zainab: kl weekend yshofounk. Ou ana wain bkoun?! A7na klna 3aysheen 3nd 3mty Mzna. Btshoufhum ou ebtml mnhum. 6LGNY.
Bader: inzain, inrou7 el m7kma bachr.
Zainab: ou shwarana elyoum? tawha sa3a 5. Et9eer 9 ou enrou7. Manee ga3da youm wa7ed m3ak.
Bader: bas 5ngoulhum.
Zainab: engoulhum, okay. wtha galaw laish a6al3 kl e5yask..

Nzlt ta7at, ou r7naleehum.

Zainab: yuba 6lbt el 6alag mn Bader ou elyoum sa3a 9 bnrou7 el m7kma.
Oboi: 3sa ma shar?! LAISH?
Zainab: is2la laish.

I fake laugh.

Zainab: shna6r goul 7g oboi laish.. Wla tabeeny ana agoula ou eb kl el details mara7 a5alee 7rf wa7ed. 3mty ou 3my ana asfa, bas wldkum bala trbeeya ou mako e7tram lee. AY AY AY AY AY!

67t 3l arth. My water broke. Ou gamaw el kl yolee el mstshfa.

Abdullah's P.O.V:

lmn g3d fkrt law ana knt eb mkan bader ou murty afaf 7amel ou btyeeb taw2m. sh9eer feeny? a5af wla astans?

Afaf: t5ayel law hathy ely bl 3ameelya ana..
Abdullah: an6rch? ga3d at5ayal.. madree etha ana mtwtr wla mstans.
Afaf: hhh 9j enk rayal.
Abdullah: 3yal, bnt ou ana madree?
Afaf: agoul chub.

klna rkthna ta7at ou kl wa7ed eb sayarta, l2na mashallah a7na wayed ana r7t m3a afaf ou ghada ou ywasif.

Ghada: Yousef. Lat7b wa7da '3eiry, please.

Mskaw eed b3ath and held it very tight ou ana ou Afaf 6l3na b3ath ou 3youna dmoo3.


In the hospital: elkl ra7 7g Zanoob b3dain r7na enshoof Noura ou kanat eb door ely foug Zainab. Noura b3dain e6l3t eb wheel chair wya Mishael mask'ha.

Aunt Mizna: mo wktk Misho.
Noura: sm3oo. please.

el kl "el7mdellilah rab el3aleemeen" ou mstanseen sawaw z3aj bl mstshfa allah layfrg'na 3n b3ath. ou ellkl lm Noura ou Mishael.

Dr: Mmkn klkoum etshofeen el sayda Zainab.

Ou el kl rkth lel '3urfa ou shafaw zainab ebtsama m3a bntain.

Zainab: basameehum 3la a8wa 7areem a3rfhum. Thikra ou Mizna.

Bader: sam7eeny. sam7eeny. tkfain tawhoum elz'3ar walla mara7 a3eedha tkfain.

ga3ad yabchee bader, so zainab galat okay. just for the kids.



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Chapter 20


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Noura's P.O.V: 
Elyoum rdeit mn el 6beeb, galee el doctor my lung cancer is getting worse ena in these last months I may die. He said there was an 99.9% of a chance I am gonna die, Mishael 5athany el mostshfa ofcourse 9ar 18, ou 5atha el liscence sm3 kl shay. He cried the whole way home and we just sat there thinking. 

Mishael: Noura. Ya nour 3ny entay.

I sniffed and dried my eyes using the tiisue box in his car.

Noura: h-h-hhalla Mishael.
Mishael: shfeech? 
Noura: kl shay feeny.

I sighed it was true kl shay feeny. My hair was bald, my eyebrows? Gone. My face? Blue. My lips? Pale. But he loved me just the way I was. And I didn't wanna see him get hurt anymore.

Noura: Mishael, tra ana 5la9 ra7 eljamal, ra7 el 7ail laish enta m3ay? Ana bamoot 5la9 mara7 ntzwaj shfeek Mishael mabeek tt3thb mthl ma t3thbt mn 5 sneen. Mishael, walla a7snlk 5lny amoot.

Mishael das break.


He started crying and banging his car, I started dying, inside and outside. Suddenly, I felt so much pain.

Noura: Mishael. Mishael. Mishael wadny el6beeb. Mishael!!
Mishael: Noura 7beebty Shfeech?
Noura: Mishael wadny magthar wadny.
-- end of noura's P.O.V

So he did, as fast as he could, he didnt care if the cameras caught him, all he cared about was Noura.
We went inside the hospital she was put in a wheelchair and was sent to the operation room. Mishael called everyone of our family members and once they arrived he looked at his closest cousin ever, Afaf. And how she was the only one who didn't cry but her face was emotionless. He pulled her to go to the cafeteria 3la 8olta.

Mishael: Afaf its been five months, laish entay mat7seen? E5tch btmout ou entay bas et5zeen?!
Afaf: Mishael. Enta matdree, ehya a9lan kanat tadree ena feeha el sara6an kanat tadree enha betmout mn kanat eb rab3 m6was6 bas ra7 mnha, b3dain red lha bl thanaweeya ou ana el wa7eeda ely knt adree. Mishael, ana t3thbt wayed eb 7yaty ou ga3d at3athab ou ra7 at3athab ou Noura matabee shay '3eir ink et5aleeha etrou7 le rabna el 3aleemeen, l2na ohwa a7san mna ou 9dgny a5er shay hatha b9eer bas enta madre shfeek, 5la9, Noura matabeek tt3thab.
Mishael: ana amout wla ahedha. AMOUT!!

He started to cry.

Duaij's P.O.V:

I called murty soon to be.

Duaij: Asrar ana bara.

I dont love her but I am forced, I dont wanna marry her, but I have to. 

Asrar: Duaij 7abeby shrayk eb lbsy?
Duaij: zain. 

Ana mashft a9lan and I started to drive. W9alna 3nd el bd3 ou d5alna chocolate bar. Ana 6lbt Pink Pasta ou ehya Salad ou g3dt tagreeg ou ana shd3wa sam3.

Asrar: Duaij, Duaij, wla shrayk?
Duaij: ha? Oh 5la9! Sktay. 
Asrar: Shfeek? Yezaty as2l rayek b3d.
Duaij: ya5ee kaifch kaifch shtabeen?! 

I got up ou shft Dana m3a rfeejat'ha dashaw so I sat down and pretended to love Asrar ou g3daw el 6awla ely kdam jdamna.

Duaij: asrar, a7bch ana asf.
Asrar: wlw 7beeby adree feek.

6al. Sha7b feech? 3my rou7ay.

Ghada's P.O.V:

I went downstairs to get cereal it was zwara at our house (aka the one they live with Aunt Mizna) wla ashoof oboi.

Dad: Ghada Ghada yuba lehmta 9arlch 5 tash'heer matklmeeny eshfeek?
Ghada: ts2l shfeeny b3d?! Abi atzwaj Yousef! Eshlon?! Ya5ee 7s feeny 3ad! Ou 3la8al mo mtzwj Yousef. Ou yabee ytzwjnee shl 3aib feeha? Wgft 3lay ana bas? Noura&Mishael, Afaf&Abdullah, Feehaid&Dareen, Taiba&Dhari?!

Sket. It was obvious he would. I was being logic. And typical. And stating the facts. When the phone rang, Mishael told us to come to the hospital asap.

Abdullah's P.O.V:

Ya5ee shfeeha Afaf tth7k wayed 3l telephone? Ha? Shsalfa? 

Abdullah: *grabs the phone* Entay hey? Wain ms7tee?
Afaf: enta shfeek yeneit?!
Abdullah: eee yeneit! Adree eb swalfch 3a6eeny yaa!

Yreita mn eedaynha ou shft elcontacts ou dgeit 3leihum wa7ed wa7ed b3dain a deep voice answered.

Abdullah; kl 5ara omik!!!! Etklm murty?!! Matst7ee ent, malat 3leik. Walla a67nk waink ya kalb?
* end call *

Yreit'ha mn sha3rha. I was dissapointed after many years chthy tsawee feeny.

Abdullah: mno hatha?! Mno hatha?! Goulely mno? 

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2. Afaf&Abdullah (what happened after)
3. Zainab&Bader (their kids and them)
4. Noura&Mishael (IF noura is still alive)
5. Feehaid&Dareen (marriage life)


Monday, July 15, 2013

Chapter 19

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Noura: feeny sara6an.

Mishael cried. His dad looked at him, then looked at me. He could see love and Mishael's mother died from cancer 5 years ago and now he is gonna lose me.

Mama: wee wee wee! N3m? Shlon? Laish? 

She started screaming and crying. I cried and then all of a sudden I felt stiff arms hugging me, Misheal. He actually hugged me.

Mishael: Abeech. bas lail7eena ma5l9na thanawya. Walla el3theem mara7 etmouteen mngabl mantzwaj ou etybeen yahal. A7lflch.

He whispered to my ears.

Mishael: walla may9eer chthy! walla! omy ra7at el7een 7beebty betrou7.

3meFaisal: Misheal, t7bha?

3me Faisal is free and kind and my mom maybe, my dad no.

Mishael: ou 3shg'ha b3d!

He screamed crying. 

Mishael: laish laish laish.

He started slapping himself.

Noura: Mob eedy, mob eedy.

I looked at everyone crying but the person who just stared was Afaf. Kan fee shay tabee etgoula.

With Feehaid and Dareen:

Feehaid called Dareen. After the past few days Dareen stopped acting ou galat ena et7ba ou hatha el 9j et7ba.

Feehaid: ya fahmneeee!! ya gareeeneee m 3younyyyy!
Dareen: Feehaid. Bas tra a5jal ;$
Feehaid: fdait ely y5jlounnn! bas yalla sar3eeha zhgt mn el na6ra!!
Dareen: haw lail7eena maswenay shay 7g el mlcha, Foof shfeek? Foofy.
Feehaid: 3youna ou 5ashma ou 7lja ou kl shay fee.
Dareen: Noura feeha el sara6an.
Feehaid: shno?! tst3b6ain 9a7?
Dareen: la2 ma ast3b6. jad. mno ychthb eb hal mawthoo3?
Feehaid: yaylkum.

and he ended the call.

Afaf's P.O.V:

a7s ena ana ou Abdullah mashallah tf tf el wa7eedeen ely zaina 7yatna ou Zainab ou Bader akeed bas y3nee laish chthy elyoum zft? 

Afaf: Abdullah.
Abdullah: a7bch wla abee a59rch.
Afaf: waii3 abdullah shyab el 6ary?!
Abdullah: Ghada ou Yousef.. Mishael ou Noura.. ya5ee laish chthy el 7yat?! laish.
Afaf: allah kareem ou mayga9r. en6r.
Abdullah: Afaf rakzay m3ay. Ghada ou Yousef mara7 ytzwjoun. Obouch!! Noura feeha el sara6an. Ay an6r?! A5r shay a7ad bemout mathalan?
Afaf: Abdullah latgoul chthy!

5 months later, 

Zainab 7amel 9arlha arb3 tash'hr. betyb two girls. Taw2m! 

Feehaid ou Dareen mlchaw shahr ely 6aaf.

Noura sha3rha kla 6a7.

Mishael nawy y56bha bas y5al9 thanaweeya ou ehya et9eer 16.

Taiba yaleha 56eeb, Dhari ou ahla. Y3ne ma56ouba.

Ghada ou Yousef, after two years falaw ou 9arlha 5 tash'hr matklm obouha.

Duaij lgola ebnaya '3air Dana bas may7bha.

Mishary et5rj mn el thanaweeya. Ou g3d ydawrounla bnaya, bas eb bala Afrah.

Ou Abdullah ou Afaf? things weren't going that well...

Ou Manayer, Fatma, Shahad, Dana? Ma9ar shay. No love lost. no love found.


Afaf's P.O.V:

Afaf: Abdullah agoulk shfeek? Laish etshk eny akalm wa7d '3eirk - tra 9j balsha hathy! ouf!
Abdullah: Agoulch 36eeny telephonich.
Afaf: ya5ee mako the8a after how many years? enta tst3b6 bntzwaj ou etgoul a5ounk?
Abdullah: 3a6eeeeeeeny yaaaa!

Yara el telephone mn eedy.

Abdullah: ms7tee ha? ms7tee?
Afaf: enta yeneit wla shfeek?! hatha shfee?! a7bk ou ma7bb '3eirk.
Abdullah: entay eb klmat a7bk etg9een 3lay. ya5ee a7bch ou ath8 feech kla mn el shay6an!
Afaf: fdeit ely yth8feny walla.

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